Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Welcome to Pride World Playway

At Pride World School, which is under “Priya Educational Trust” we recognize and cultivate each student’s strengths and talents, while providing individualized, WHOLESOME INSTRUCTIONS to meet every student’s HOLISTIC and LEARNING needs. School’s individual approach of imparting therapeutic support and overall progress throughout the academic school day gives us the edge to provide students with an environment where they FEEL SAFE to LEARN, GROW, and BUILD POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS with each other.

Every student at Pride World School receives INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTIONS aligned with Odisha State and international standards along with focused intervention using specialized advanced methodologies when applicable. Emphasis is placed on college and CAREER READINESS, and overall COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT and skills with the mind to SCALE EMOTIONAL QUOTIENTS in all students.
– Unique, Playful, & Engaging Curriculum –

The Curriculum – Educational Philosophy

Virtually every child is eager to learn. It is important to keep this urge alive in every child. At Pride World School, children are seen as unique and complex human beings, blessed at birth with an avid desire to learn which, if nurtured, would fuel a lifetime of learning. We believe children learn best in environments especially suited to their age and stage of development. Our emphasis is on educating the whole child... the entire intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual being... while at the same time, growing the child's integrity as a learner and classmate is valued and reinforced.
We're all about making learning fun

Joy of Learning at Pride World Playway

Pride World School helps your child attain Social/Emotional milestones, Language/Communication Milestones, Cognitive Milestones and Movement & Physical Development Milestones. We understand that the Milestones are specific for specific ages and they need to be attained and nurtured at the child’s ease. Development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills and psycho-motor skills is an integral part of growing up as it affects how a child will grow academically, physically and socially.
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Focused Mission:

At Pride World, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that empower students to become responsible global citizens and lifelong learners. By nurturing academic excellence, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging social and emotional development, we aim to inspire our students to achieve their full potential and contribute positively to the world. Through a commitment to inclusively, diversity, and community engagement, we strive to cultivate a culture of respect, integrity, and compassion, preparing our students to thrive in an ever-changing, interconnected society.